2016-17 Registration is OPEN!!!
Our Mission
The Pottsgrove Wrestling Club is designed to introduce children in the community to Traditional Folkstyle Wrestling. Working in conjunction with the Junior and Senior High Schools, we hope to develop strong basic wrestling skills and techniques in a fun, competitive environment.

Our emphasis is working with kids on instruction, training and above all GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP. We believe wrestling is about goal setting and achievement, not winning and losing. We do expect our kids to practice hard and respect their coaches and teammates at all times.

Our season consists of approximately 7 dual meets and tournaments (optional). Matched by age, weight and ability, they will compete in full contact wrestling for 3 one minute periods. Win or Lose, our coaches will continue to provide encouragement and guidance throughout the season.

The Pottsgrove Wrestling Club wants its kids to have fun and develop friendships while learning the oldest of organized sports. We believe wrestling is the ultimate challenge in youth sports and offers the most rewarding benefits to its athletes.